Florida Comedy Traffic School

When you attend our traffic school you are guaranteed to find us at a REAL classroom led by highly trained instructors with a sense of humor. You are also guaranteed to have your completion certificate before you leave. And as an elite DHSMV certified school, we issue your certificate directly from Florida’s DHSMV. You never need worry if your certificate will be accepted. We even work with participants with out-of-state citations. Our instructors are re-certified every two years and always up-to-date on State traffic laws. Our instructors are compassionate and bring a humorous approach to each class. In-Person Traffic classrooms are in LAKELAND.

NOTE:  Below you can register for IN PERSON CLASSES

In-Person Traffic Courses Offered in LAKELAND

(Locations in Casselberry and Tampa coming soon)

Accepted in ALL Florida Counties Approved for ALL Out-of-State Citations

Beware of other “schools” offering classes in restaurants. You don’t really know how to track them back down for your completion certificate.